Be regular, honorary, or international members for three continuous years immediately prior to election and must have been be a licensed practicing nurse at the time of election, a member of the American Society of Registered Nurses. Maintenance of Fellow status requires continued membership in the ASRN. In addition, the following requirements demonstrating evidence of high professional standing must be met by candidates some time during their professional career prior to application.


At least three years of active involvement in nursing as their chief professional activity, inclusive of internships, and;

Satisfaction of at least three of the following individual criteria during their professional career:


Active involvement, beyond holding membership, in voluntary health organizations, organized medical societies, or voluntary community health planning activities or service;


Active involvement in the ASRN, such as committee memberships, written journal articles for the Journal of Nursing, Journal of Advanced Practice Nursing, and other journals, or volunteer work in the virtual hospital, as attested to by Executive Council;

Active involvement in the formal teaching of nursing to nursing students, out-of-hospital care personnel, or the public;

Active involvement in nursing or departmental affairs;

Active involvement in a leadership program;

Research in nursing;

Active involvement in ASRN National Honor Society activities as attested by the executive director;

Research in nursing;

Member of a national ASRN committee, the ASRN Executive Council, or national Board of Directors;

Examiner for, director of, or involvement in test development and/or administration for the American Board of Emergency Medicine or the American Osteopathic Board of Emergency Medicine;

Reviewer for or editor or listed author of a published article or reference material in the field of nursing in a recognized journal or book.

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