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What To Know About 'Dry Drowning'

The story of Elianna Grace, a 4-year-old girl recently hospitalized for a case of "dry drowning" in Sarasota, Florida, has sparked fear amongst parents about whether their children are safe playing in the water.

CDC Tells Americans to Toss E. Coli-Tainted Romaine Lettuce

The Centers for Disease Control is expanding its warning over romaine lettuce tainted with E. coli. The lettuce is responsible for at least 53 people falling ill, including 31 hospitalizations, in 16 states.

Some Antidepressants Linked To Dementia: Study

Long-term use of certain anti-depressants have been linked to dementia in a large British study, researchers said Thursday, though they could not definitively conclude that the drugs were the cause.

1 In 3 CNOs Admit Nursing Shortages Are Harming Patient Care

As nursing shortages continue to challenge hospitals and health systems, over one-third of chief nursing officers said these shortages negatively affect patient care, with more CNOs viewing shortages as detrimental to patient satisfaction, according to a recent survey.

Few Physicians Faced Medical Board Sanctions After Sexual Abuse

Following the publication of the investigation into Harvey Weinstein, top Hollywood executives, prominent journalists and politicians have been forced out of or resigned from their positions in the wake of allegations of sexual misconduct. However, the medical industry has been more reticent to act on similar accusations made against physicians or other medical professionals.

A Guide to Internet Addiction

More than a decade after the first iPhone was released, it suddenly dawned on us that we could be addicted to our smartphones. We'd certainly developed quite the habit: Almost 50 percent of people say they couldn’t live without their phones, which we check every 12 minutes and touch an average of 2,600 times a day.

Mixed Signals From Trump Administration Leaves $375 Million In Opioid Funds Unspent

Congress sent states hundreds of millions of dollars to fight an opioid crisis claiming more than 100 lives a day — money they've largely been unable to spend after a year.


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