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New Source of Heart Stem Cells Discovered

Researchers at Children's Hospital Boston are continuing to document the heart's earliest origins. Now, they have pinpointed a new, previously unrecognized group of stem cells that give rise to cardiomyocytes, or heart muscle cells.

Learning To Talk to Teens About Sex-While At Work

Sex is one of the most difficult topics a parent can bring up with an adolescent, but a new study finds that parents who are taught specific communication skills can more readily tackle these conversations and sustain them over time.

New CT Scanner improves Imaging At Greater Speed, Lower Doses

A new, high-definition computerized tomography (CT) scanner capable of seeing internal structures in the human body as thin as a grain of sand is now in place at Mayo Clinic in Arizona and shows promise of setting the new standard for clarity in CT imaging.

Researchers Discover How Measles Virus Spreads (in Its Host)

Measles, one of the most common contagious diseases, has been thought to enter the body through the surface of airways and lungs, like many other major viruses. Now, Mayo Clinic researchers and their collaborators say that's not the case, and some medical texts will have to be revised.

Summer Heat Too Hot For You? What Is Comfortable?

Extreme heat or cold is not only uncomfortable, it can be deadly-causing proteins to unravel and malfunction.


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