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Gallup: Nurses Rank Most Honest Profession 17 Years In A Row

Nurses rated highest for honesty and ethics for 17th consecutive year. Members of Congress and telemarketers rated lowest. Journalists' ethics rating hits high of 33%, up 10 points since 2016.

Flu Science Points To Another Culprit When Vaccines Fail

If you’ve ever gotten a flu shot — and then, later that season, gotten the flu — you were more than likely, and rightly, miffed. Your doctor might have explained that the problem was possibly that the influenza vaccine wasn’t well matched that year to the strains people coughed and sneezed in your direction.

7 Best Health Jobs In US 2019

Glassdoor released its annual list of the 50 Best Jobs in America on Jan. 23. To determine the rankings, they weighed three factors to provide each occupation with an overall Job Score: earning potential, overall job satisfaction and number of job openings.

The Best Small Cities For Nurses Paying Off Student Loans

Santa Barbara, Calif., is the best small U.S. city for nurses paying off student loan debt, with median RN earnings of $99,040, an analysis from a student loan adviser found.

For The NFL And All Of Football, A New Threat: An Evaporating Insurance Market

From the NFL to rec leagues, football is facing a stark, new threat: an evaporating insurance market that is fundamentally altering the economics of the sport, squeezing and even killing off programs faced with higher costs and a scarcity of available coverage, an Outside the Lines investigation has found.

Foods To Help You Refuel After A Long Shift

It’s easy to visit the vending machine during a long shift for a quick bag of Doritos or a pick-me-up can of Red Bull. It’s just as tempting to grab a high-calorie juice smoothie after a good workout. But if you really want to step up your game when fueling up, consider these healthier, high-energy options.

It May Be Possible To Restore Memory Function In Alzheimer's, Preclinical Study Finds

New research reveals a new approach to Alzheimer's disease (AD) that may eventually make it possible to reverse memory loss, a hallmark of the disease in its late stages.


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