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10 Secrets That Nurses Keep From Their Patients

I've heard it said that nurses are a secretive bunch, that they keep certain things under wraps from their patient and patient's families. My first thought of a nurse not disclosing information to those he/she cared for seemed ludicrous. But then I thought, Well, perhaps that's true.

Shock Report: Doctors Behaving Badly. Widespread, Tolerated And Deadly.

Whether it's angry outbursts, lewd remarks or passive aggressiveness, bad conduct by those in the medical community is called "disruptive behavior." It's considered such a risk to patient safety that hospitals must have a system for addressing it in order to meet accreditation standards. Some of the most egregious examples include...

How RN Parents Helped Their Baby With Epilepsy, Having Over 100 Seizures A Day

Zacchaio's parents are both in the nursing profession, and their advocacy for his health is steadfast and highly informed. They did not wait long to explore their options. When Zacchaio continued to have over 100 seizures a day despite treatment for about six weeks with conventional medications...."

The Most Crucial Half Hour At A Hospital: The Shift Change

Hospitals are transforming the traditional way nurses change shifts to reduce the chance of errors and oversights in the transfer of information. A critical side effect: patients feel safe, included and satisfied.

New Clues Why Women Get Broken-Heart Syndrome

Study comes to surprising conclusion about mysterious malady’s causes, suggests possible remedies

Better Responses At The Hospital To Those Beeping Alarms

When patients’ monitors beep falsely, nurses and doctors can get ‘alarm fatigue’ and miss real warnings.

A Push In California To Train More Latino and Black Nurses

Allen Temple Baptist Church is buzzing with chatter and upbeat music. On this warm Saturday morning in East Oakland, Calf., the church is hosting its annual holistic health fair.


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