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New IVF Technique Uses Images Of Embryos To Pick The Best One

The method takes thousands of pictures of embryos to select the best eggs. Research has found that it has increased the chances of a live birth by 25%. Study compared 24,000 cases of IVF babies born with and without the method

Patients' Rights? What About The Nurses' Rights?

The hospital I work in used to have posters hanging up, describing patients’ rights. The right to have their medical care explained to them, the right to refuse treatment, the right to be treated courteously and the right emergency care regardless of the circumstances.

Rise In Dog Flu Cases Has Pet Owners Worried

Veterinarians and pet owners across the country are warning dog lovers to get their pooch vaccinated with a newly released drug after an outbreak of the canine influenza, or dog flu, quickly spread throughout most of the country.

America's Home Nurse Shortage Is Stranding Kids In Hospitals

Hospitals are far more expensive than home nursing, but the U.S. has no comprehensive system to finance it. Parents can go bankrupt trying to take their kids home.

The 10 Most Popular Prescription Drugs In The US

Dozens of prescription drugs — from Advil to the EpiPen — have become household names. But some are more prevalent than others.

Hospitals Are Struggling And The Future Is Grim

A strange thing happened last year in some the nation’s most established hospitals and health systems. Hundreds of millions of dollars in income suddenly disappeared.

Pharmacists Slow To Dispense Lifesaving Overdose Drug

Gale Dunham, a pharmacist in Calistoga, Calif., knows the devastation the opioid epidemic has wrought, and she is glad the anti-overdose drug naloxone is becoming more accessible.


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