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The Nursing Shortage And The Doctor Shortage Are Very Different Things

Nursing is bracing for what’s being called a “silver tsunami” — a graying Baby Boomer workforce entering retirement. On top of that, many other nurses are leaving the field out of frustration. Why? They don’t feel they’re making enough of a difference for their patients.

Pick The Right Graduate Degree In Nursing

Graduate education is an investment of time as much as money. For nurses looking to move up in the profession, whether to earn a master's degree, or MSN, rather than a Doctorate of Nursing Practice, is a decision about both.

14 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Became A Nurse

You'll become skilled in not just medicine, but in waitressing, technology, mediation, and more.

10 Signs You Are Being Raised By A Nurse

There are lots of nurses in my family, including my mother, who has been a nursery nurse for almost 40 years. So I know a thing or two about being raised by a nurse...

Nurse Intuition May Play A Role In Critical Care Outcomes

Nurses have incorporated the idea of basing care decisions on their intuition into nursing discipline for decades, according to the authors, but educational institutions have largely ignored the concept in recent years.

New Clues Why Women Get Broken-Heart Syndrome

Study comes to surprising conclusion about mysterious malady’s causes, suggests possible remedies

19 Pet Peeves Every Nurse Will Understand

Nurses are pretty much unstoppable, but every so often, they get pissed off like the rest of us. Endless hospital shifts, vomiting patients and not enough time to pee will do that to a person. To figure out just what makes them tick, we spoke to a number of nurses and rounded up a few pet peeves we've seen circulating on Facebook.

Dogs Will Quickly Try To Comfort Owners Who Are Upset, Study Finds

After a long, hard, stressful day, there’s nothing better for a dog owner than returning home and seeking comfort from your canine pal.


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