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The Motivation of Advanced Practice Nurses to Explore

Nursing profession today has the essential elements of accountability and autonomy meaning that a nurse is responsible, professionally and legally for the nursing care provided. Nursing practice is liable for six kinds of legal authority, viz, 'The federal or central law', 'The law of the state'....

How Severe Is Nurse Burnout In The Emergency Department?

The Emergency Department (ED) in a Health care facility deals with life threatening conditions that calls for immediate medical attention. The Department handles exacerbations of various critical conditions like myocardial infarction, trauma and COPD, which demands...

Despondent Nurse Practitioners - Disabling Postmodern Punishment

The essence of postmodernism theme is that of an epochal shift, discontinuity, or rupture with modernity, bringing new social conditions and sociological principles with it (Baudrillard, 1988). Postmodernism views that the authority and status of the medical professionals does not exist anymore in the area of health care consistent with the postmodern message about the deconstruction of traditional centers of postindustrial authority (Cockerham et.al,......

Struggles of Intersex Individuals, Their Families and Nursing

Is the baby a boy or girl? Few things are harder for new parents than hearing their doctor say,


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