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Nurse Assisted Suicide, Without Drugs

Brittany Maynard’s death has made physician-assisted suicide a hot topic. But what about terminally ill patients in states without a Death with Dignity law? Enter Judith Schwarz.

Pediatric Nurses Miss Care Due To Poor Work Environment

More than half of the nurses surveyed, including neonatal intensive care, pediatric intensive care and general pediatrics unit nurses, stated having missed at least one care activity.

You're Having A Heart Attack, What Does The ER Know About You?

Almost all hospitals and physicians in the United States have put their patients' health records onto computers. But one of the goals of that transition remains a work in progress: building a nationwide system that would make key information about a patient available anywhere — in any hospital, clinic or doctor's office.

How Many Hours of Sleep Do You Actually Need?

Sleep is a time suck. If you multiplied the average recommended number of hours we should sleep in a day—eight for a typical adult—by the number of days in an average lifespan (78.8 years in the United States), that would amount to about 9,587.3 days. That’s one third of your life spent unconscious.

1 Million Names, Socials, Health Records Stolen At WSU Health- From Hard Drive In Rented Locker

Sensitive data on roughly 1 million people – including names, Social Security numbers and personal health information – were compromised in a burglary in Olympia earlier this year. Washington State University researchers had stored the data on a hard drive and locked it in a safe in a storage facility downtown, a few blocks from their office. The data came from public agencies, including school districts and community colleges.

Trump Budget Will Have A Negative Effect On Nursing

On the heels of the announcement of President Trump’s proposed federal budget, the public is beginning to visualize what the world may look like after the Trump administration is through with it. Those of us in the health care industry are concerned for the future health of an already aging and ailing population.

He Went Into Surgery To Remove His Right Testicle, When He Woke Up, His Left One Was Missing

In 2013, Steven Hanes visited his urologist, complaining of persistent pain in his right testicle. An ultrasound revealed that the testicle had atrophied, with scarring and damage from a previous injury, according to court documents. And so the doctor scheduled an orchiectomy — or surgical removal of the testicle — to help alleviate Hanes's pain.


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