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Herpes: Just The Facts

There are few diagnoses that carry as much stigma with as few long-term health consequences as herpes simplex virus.  Considered an 'incurable' STD and characterized by painful genital lesions, most people experience shame and distress following a herpes diagnosis.

Is Someone At Your Facility Diverting Drugs?

Drug diversion is defined as the use of prescription drugs for recreational purposes - "diverting" of legally obtainable drugs into illegal channels, or the acquiring or obtaining of a controlled substance by an illegal method. If charged and convicted of such, it comes with a fine from $1,000 to $250,000 and a prison term of one to twenty years.

Kansas Midwives Seek To Sever Physician Partnership Requirement

Kansas midwives who say they can safely help women deliver babies without formal physician partnerships made their case this week before a legislative committee.

My Job: Jill Wall, Infusion Nurse

Infusion nursing was not Jill Wall’s first career. “I had a primary nursing career. I have been involved in ob/gyn and the special care nursery.

The Struggles And Rewards Of Becoming A Nurse

A path to a new chapter in life, almost invariably involves setbacks. But Rachel Christian’s five-year journey to become a nurse is proof that even the largest of hurdles can be cleared.

A Nurse In The Trenches Of Heroin Addiction Reflects

When nurse Mary Femia arrived for work in the 18-bed detox unit at the hospital and looked at the board of patients, nearly all of them were heroin addicts.

Chief Nursing Officers Need To Continue Updating Their Skill Sets To Stay Effective

Today’s CNO must be comfortable talking about methods to improve productivity and reporting and the strategic importance of an IT initiative.


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