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New Prenatal Test for Down Syndrome Less Risky than Amniocentesis

Pregnant women worried about their babies' genetic health face a tough decision: get prenatal gene testing and risk miscarriage, or skip the tests and miss the chance to learn of genetic defects before birth.

New Candidate Genes For Schizophrenia Identified

Schizophrenia is a severe psychiatric disease characterized by disorganized behavior, delusions and hallucinations. Sadly, there is no clear understanding of its cause.

Researchers Find Predictive Tests and Early Treatment Delay Progression of Blood Cell Cancer

Mayo Clinic researchers say they have moved closer to their goal of providing personalized care for a common blood cell cancer.

Asian-White Couples Face Distinct Pregnancy Risks

Pregnant women who are part of an Asian-white couple face an increased risk of gestational diabetes as compared with couples in which both partners are white, according to a new study from Lucile Packard Children's Hospital and the Stanford University School of Medicine.

Study Links Nicotine with Breast Cancer

A recent study suggests a possible role for nicotine in breast tumor development and metastases. The study is among the first to explore the effects of nicotine on mammary cells.


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