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Tired? Study Shows Noise Quietly Interrupts Your Sleep

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (ASRN.ORG) -- People who have trouble sleeping in noisy environments often resort to strategies like earplugs or noise-canceling headphones that muffle the sound, but a new study may lead to ways to block disturbing sounds within the brain. In their report, the team reports finding a brain-wave pattern, reflecting activity of a key structure that predicts the ease at which sleep can be disrupted by noise.

Stem Cells Change Fate

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (ASRN.ORG) -- Researchers reveals that an enzyme that changes the way DNA is packaged in cells allows specific genes to be turned on and off, thereby preventing a stem cell from becoming another cell type.

Skin Cancer Patients Three Times More Likely To Be Vitamin D Deficient

SAUSALITO, CA (ASRN.ORG) -- Skin cancer patients who avoid the sun are three times more likely to be vitamin-D deficient than healthy people, according to a new study led by researchers.

The Pain is In Your Genes

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (ASRN.ORG) -- While it has become clear in recent years that susceptibility to pain has a strong inherited component, very little is known about actual "pain genes" and how they work.  Researchers now report on a novel human pain gene. People with minor variations in this gene showed clear differences in susceptibility to acute heat pain and chronic back pain. 

The Autism Gene

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (ASRN.ORG) -- Many gene variants have been linked to autism, but how do these subtle changes alter the brain, and ultimately behavior?


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