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There Is More To Nursing Than Just Following Doctors Orders

Research has demonstrated that the nurse practitioner's expanded role has resulted in comparable and sometimes better patient outcomes than those of physicians. States with full practice authority have a statistically significant higher percentage of women than those with restricted practice.

When Minutes Matter in Nursing

On my first day of orientation in OB, I watched a delivery for the first time and was in awe. That day, I watched everything unfold as it should. But that isn't this story. It wouldn't take me long to find out that OB is not always about birth and babies. Sometimes no one is smiling, cameras are left untouched and tears fall freely from faces.

Herpes: Just The Facts

There are few diagnoses that carry as much stigma with as few long-term health consequences as herpes simplex virus.  Considered an 'incurable' STD and characterized by painful genital lesions, most people experience shame and distress following a herpes diagnosis.

13 Problems Only Nurses Will Understand

If it’s wet and not yours, use gloves. Do you remember what weekends are? Are you so immune to undesirable body fluids that you no longer have a gag reflex to suppress? Can you hold in a pee for hours, if your hectic job requires it? If you answered yes to all three questions – you’re probably a nurse.

If You Are A Nurse, Be A Superhero To Someone

When I initially graduated from nursing school, I thought I wanted to be a nursery nurse. When I got hired in L&D, I thought I had my foot in the door, and eventually I would transition to the nursery.

6 Reasons Why Nurses Are The Unsung Heroes Of The ER

During a busy Sunday evening in my ER two weeks ago, while I stitched closed a laceration to the temple of a two-year-old infant who had run into a door, disaster struck. As is customary in these situations, my attendant nurse, a kind woman who is wonderful with children, had wrapped up the child in layers of sheets to prevent any unexpected movements of arms or legs while we performed the delicate procedure. Halfway through my sewing, our young patient stealthily managed to extricate a right arm from her wrapping, and promptly, before anyone noticed, the injured child delivered a full force punch to the face of my poor nurse.

Women Outrace Men In Recovering From A Break Up

The pain of a romantic breakup may hit women harder at first, but they recover far more quickly from the loss than men do, new research suggests.


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