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Brain Cancer Patients Can Get Twice The Survival Time With Brain Stem Cell Radiation

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (ASRN.ORG) -- Patients with deadly glioblastomas who received high doses of radiation that hit a portion of the brain which harbors neural stem cells had double the progression-free survival time as patients who had lower doses or no radiation targeting the area, a study has found.

Increase in Bedwetting Year-Round

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (ASRN.ORG) -- Bedwetting perennially drives parents to the pediatric urology clinic at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, but September — and the start of the school year — always brings a predictable uptick in visits, according to pediatric urologist Ming-Hsien Wang, M.D. 

Love, Pain, Money, Cocaine Light Up Same Area of Brain

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (ASRN.ORG) --Intense, passionate feelings of love can provide amazingly effective pain relief, similar to painkillers or such illicit drugs as cocaine, according to a new Stanford University School of Medicine study.


SAN FRANCISCO, CA (ASRN.ORG) -- Tiny variants in a protein that alerts the immune system to the presence of infection may underlie the rare ability of some individuals to control HIV infection without the need for medications.  

UCLA Licenses Electrical Brain Stimulation Technique To Treat Major Depression

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (ASRN.ORG) -- Major depression is a common and disabling brain condition marked not only by the presence of depressed mood but also by its effects on sleep, energy, decision-making, memory and thoughts of death or of suicide.


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