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Nursing School Professor Finds Popular Autism Treatment Ineffective

Yale University School of Nursing and Yale Child Study Center Professor Lawrence Scahill, PhD, was quoted regarding his recent study, the first to show that children with autism do not benefit from the popularly prescribed antidepressant Citalopram.

Researchers Develop Biomarker For Rapid Relief Of Major Depression

It is a long, slow slog to treat major depression. Many antidepressant medications are available, but no single biomarker or diagnostic test exists to predict which one is right for an individual. As a result, for more than half of all patients, the first drug prescribed doesn't work, and it can take months to figure out what does.

Different Disease, Different Treatments For Never-Smokers With Lung Cancer

A committee of scientists led by Johns Hopkins investigators has published a new guide to the biology, diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer in never-smokers, fortifying measures for what physicians have long known is a very different disease than in smokers.

Vitamin D Plays A Vital Role in Elderly Health

A new study by researchers at the University of Colorado Denver and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) shows vitamin D plays a vital role in reducing the risk of death associated with older age.  The research evaluated the association between vitamin D levels in the blood and the death rates of those 65 and older.  

Cheap, Quick Bedside Eye Movement Exam Outperforms MRI For Diagnosing Stroke In Patients With Dizziness

In a small “proof of principle” study, stroke researchers at Johns Hopkins and the University of Illinois have found that a simple, one-minute eye movement exam performed at the bedside worked better than an MRI to distinguish new strokes from other less serious disorders in patients complaining of dizziness, nausea and spinning sensations.


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