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Mary Eliza Mahoney

On August 1, 1879 Mary Eliza Mahoney made nursing history by becoming the first African-American graduate nurse in the United States.

Accelerated Nursing Degrees: How Fast is Too Fast?

Graduates of traditional 4 year nursing programs wonder how it is possible to condense their entire course of study into 11 or 12 month nursing curriculums. Yet, accelerated nursing programs which claim to teach all essential elements of nursing in a year or less are skyrocketing in popularity.

Cortney Davis: Exploring the Place Where Nursing and Poetry Meet

For Cortney Davis, becoming a nurse was not a choice made by deliberate design but one spurred by practical necessity. As a young mother with financial problems, Davis needed an evening job that could work around her childcare schedule.

Understanding the Bird Flu

Have you ever had a patient ask you about their risk for catching the bird flu? It is currently one of the most talked about viral infections in the media. Just exactly what is the bird flu and what kind of risk does it hold for mankind?

Preparing for a Plague

It seems like something out of ancient history: from a time of uncleanliness and backward medical practices. In reality, the plague is not an extinct threat.


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