It's All Trivial


In honor of national games and puzzles week November 19-25,

here is a set of trivia questions to exercise your brain.

1. Who invented the thermometer?

2. Where on the human face is there a muscle known as the corrugator?

3. How many people have outie belly buttons?

4. What is the medical term for stomach noises?

5. Where was Florence Nightingale born?

6. Approximately how many miles of blood vessels are there in the body?

7. Who is Ann Moore?

8. How much saliva does the average adult produce every day?

9. Historically, where was the first known nursing school in the world?

10. What is the average lifespan of a red blood cell?

11. Who was James Derham?

12. What do the letters CAT represent in CAT-scan?

13. What physical symptom would someone who suffers from blepharospasms show?

14. Where is the thinnest skin on the human body?

15. How many bones are there in your big toe?

15. What is Peter Baulman famous for?

16. Who invented the stethoscope?

17. Where does morphine come from?

18. How many pounds of fat do cosmetic surgeons remove every year?

19. Do twins have identical fingerprints?

It?s All Trivial


1. Sir Thomas Allbutt, an English physician, invented the first medical thermometer for the use of taking a person?s temperature in 1867.

2. This is the muscle on your forehead that wrinkles and pulls your eyebrows together.

3. Only about 10% of the population are the proud owners of 'outie' bellybuttons.

4. Borborygmus. Borborygmus is the noise of gurgling and splashing created in the intestines as liquid or gas moving through the intestinal tract.

5. Florence Nightingale was named for Florence, Italy which was the city of her birth on May 12, 1820.

6. About 62,000 miles. That's enough blood vessels to wrap around the circumference of the earth approximately 2 times!

7. Ann Moore is the inventor of the original Snugli baby carrier. She first encountered the idea while working as a Peace Corp nurse in Tongo, West Africa- observing how the African women carried their babies.

8. One quart.

9. In 250 B.C. the first nursing school in the world was established in India. Only men were admitted to this exclusive school because only they were considered "pure" enough to practice the art of nursing.

10. Four months.

11. James Derham was a black slave who worked as a nurse in New Orleans in 1783 to earn and save the money needed to purchase his freedom. Later he studied medicine and became a respected Philadelphia physician.

12. Computerized Axial Tomography.

13. Uncontrollable winking or eye twitches.

14. The skin on the eyelid is less than 1/100 inch thick.

15. Fourteen.

16. Peter Baulman holds the Guinness World Record for the largest kidney stone every removed. In December 2003 Peter had a 12.5 oz kidney stone removed. At its widest point it measured 4.66 inches.

17. Rene Hyacinthe Laennec, a French physician, invented the stethoscope in 1781.

18. Friedrich Serturner, a German pharmacist, was the first to extract morphine from opium in 1804. It was named "morphine" after the god of dreams in Greek mythology- Morpheus. His son- Hypnos is the god of sleep.

19. About 200,000 pounds. The average adult has between 40-50 billion fat cells.

20. No, even the fingerprints of identical twins are unique and one of a kind.


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