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Over the years, my literary tastes have boomeranged from fiction to nonfiction, from biography to best-seller. Now a practicing nurse, I am increasingly drawn towards books about the complex mystery of healing.

Caring For the Dying Patient

There is a time for every human being to pass from this life. These events may be expected or traumatic in nature. No matter the circumstances, odds are that at some point in your nursing career you will be faced with a patient who is preparing to die under your care.

Nurses at risk

As nurses we spend a great deal of time assessing for, and trying to reduce health and well-being risks that are faced by our patients. On the other hand, how often do we remember to watch out for ourselves?

Promoting CPR in the Community

On January 15, 2008 the American Heart Association issued a statement calling for a more unified effort to increase public awareness of the importance of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in saving lives threatened by sudden cardiac arrest.

Thoughts on home

We were introduced in hurried passing, two fish-out-of-water Americans orienting to a bustling African healthcare office. But unlike me, she exuded grace and comfort in an unfamiliar situation. I was impressed.


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