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Dr. R crosses through the doorway and places a sheet of white printer paper on my desk. "Can you tell me about this?" I scan the document. It is an ultrasound report depicting an upside-down stick figure floating within a globular scribble. The handwritten words "viable pregnancy, 13 weeks plus five days" serve as a label.

Forensic Nursing

With the continuing popularity of crime television shows, and the increasingly volatile nature of society, it isn't surprising that forensic nursing is here to stay.

Medications Your Patient May Not Be Telling You About

When you ask your patient, "Are you taking any medications?" you're likely to get one of two responses: "no" or a lengthy list of all their prescription drugs. Either way, your investigation into their medication habits may not be complete. There are many medications that your patient may be using that he or she may not even consider when you ask. These are everyday, over-the-counter drugs and herbal supplements that while relatively harmless on their own can have negative effects on your patient in the right scenarios.

Weirdness Winners of 2007

Sometimes working in the health care industry can be exciting, sometimes tiring, and sometimes just plain weird. We've all had those days when we wonder whether we're nurses or ringmasters in a three-ring circus. To ring in the New Year and celebrate the old, ASRN brings you some of the most unusual medical stories of 2007.

Do You Need Malpractice Insurance?

Many nurses went into this career because of a strong, caring desire to help, cure and comfort those with illnesses of body and spirit. Very few of us start out considering what happens when our efforts go wrong or the outcome we're striving for can not be obtained. What happens to the nurse when things go wrong? Will your employer back you up if a claim is filed against you? Do you need private malpractice insurance?


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