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How Old Is Too Old For Cosmetic Surgery?


SAUSALITO, CA (ASRN.ORG) -- Many seniors are opting to regain a more youthful look with a few nips and tucks, but can you be too old for cosmetic surgery? "No”, says Dr. Kenneth Beer, one of the nation's top dermatologists who teaches dermatology at the University of Miami. "Most seniors today are healthier than two generations ago.

They are remaining vital well into their late 70s and early 80s. They feel good and feel young, so they want to look young.

"In addition to increased life expectancies and wanting to look younger, many are remaining in the job market and they want to look their best and to look competitive," Beer says.

"Seniors do very well with cosmetic procedures," he says. "Sometimes they have better outcomes than younger people because they tend to be more reliable in their follow-up." For those seniors who are healthy and choose to have cosmetic surgery," says Dr. Beer, owner of, "all options are on the table." That includes facelifts, tummy tucks — the works.

Beer says three factors should guide seniors when deciding to have cosmetic surgery: their budget, their tolerance for procedures, and their overall health.

Noninvasive procedures are popular, and in his practice, Beer combines lasers, Botox, and fillers to melt years from aging faces. "We look at people and see what they need: fillers to plump up volume, Botox to relax wrinkles, and lasers to resurface the skin."

"Some of the laser procedures actually work better in seniors," he said. "You see a more dramatic difference."
The changes aren't permanent, however, and patients will need "enhancement" procedures as time marches on. "It's like everything else," he says. "We can turn the hands of the clock back, but they'll start running again."

If he could recommend one product for all seniors to use, it would be Retin-A. "It has a ton of science behind it," he says. "It's a topical product that's been used for 20 years to improve wrinkles, minimize dark or liver spots, and make the skin look younger. If I had my choice, every senior would be on it."


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