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A Glimpse A Vision: First Impressions Count

Human beings far outpace computers in their ability to recognize faces and other objects, handling with ease variations in size, color, orientation, lighting conditions and other factors. But how our brains handle this visual processing isn't known in much detail.

Model Tissue System Reveals Cellular Communication Via Amino Acids

A team of researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Engineering in Medicine has found the first evidence of cell-to-cell communication by amino acids, the building blocks of proteins, ...

In The ICU, Use Of Benzodiazepines, Other Factors May Predict Severity Of Post-Stay Depression

Psychiatrists and critical care specialists have begun to tease out what there is about a stay in an intensive care unit (ICU) that leads so many patients to report depression after they go home.

Mayo Researchers Discover Mechanism of Cell Type-Specific Signaling in Tumor Development

Researchers have discovered the mechanisms behind two key checkpoints in cell growth and development - factors that may ultimately allow investigators to benchmark progression of tumor cells or stop them from further development. The findings appear in the current online issue of Developmental Cell.

Simple Bedside Test Improves Diagnosis Of Chronic Back Pain, Could Guide Treatment

simple and inexpensive method of assessing pain is better than currently used techniques for distinguishing neuropathic pain - pain caused by damage to the nervous system - from other types of chronic back pain.


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