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USC Marathon Student Better After Cardiac Arrest

LOS ANGELES (ASRN.ORG)- Jay Yim, 21, had worked on improving his fitness since age 15. In preparation for this year's Los Angeles Marathon on March 21, the University of Southern California pre-med student had been training with a marathon club and regularly did 10-mile runs on his own.

Donor Kidneys From Hepatitis C Patients Needlessly Rejected

BALTIMORE, MD (ASRN.ORG)- More than half of donor kidneys in the United State infected with hepatitis C are thrown away, despite the need among hepatitis C patients who may die waiting for an infection-free organ, Johns Hopkins research suggests.

Virtual Biopsy Almost Perfect In Detecting Precancerous Polyps

JACKSONVILLE, FL (ASRN.ORG)- The newest generation of "virtual biopsy" colonoscopy probes being tested at the Mayo Clinic campus in Florida demonstrate that it might soon be possible to use such a device to determine whether a colon polyp is benign and not remove it for biopsy. 

A Young Mother Battles A Rare Cancer

BOSTON (ASRN.ORG)- Heather Houde-Parker began feeling a nagging soreness in her abdomen in November 2006. Having just delivered twins a year earlier, the 27 year old suspected it was a hernia from lifting them. 

Good Cells Can Go Bad In A Bad Neighborhood

CAMBRIDGE, MA (ASRN.ORG)- The general theory of cancer development holds that malignancies occur because of the presence of certain genetic elements within the affected cells.


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