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Schools Struggle To Stop Vaping

E-cigarette makers say the products can help adults stop smoking, but new research suggests many teens use the devices because they seem cool, new and fun.

Fake Weed Hospitalizations Grow To 70, With 2 Dead

There are 70 cases of severe bleeding, including two deaths, linked with synthetic cannabinoids -- often called Spice, K2 or fake weed -- across Chicago and areas in central Illinois.

Millennials Are Ditching The Pill

Michelle Cady, founder of wellness consultancy FitVista, had been on the pill since she was 17. So she was shocked when, about four years ago, she went to lunch with a couple of nutritionists who began bashing the contraceptive method.

Earlier Alzheimer's On The Rise

Newly released data shows the diagnosis of the brain altering disease is expected to rise 29 percent by the year 2025 in the United States.

Obamacare Insurers Just Had Their Best Year Ever

A new analysis finds many health plans turned a profit for the first time as GOP fumbled repeal. Obamacare is no longer busting the bank for insurers.

How You Pick Your Airplane Seat Can Affect Your Health

Have you ever woken up with a nasty cold the day after a flight? Airplane environments are notorious for the transmission of viral infections. Fear not, though; a new study elucidates the most common trajectories for germ transmission on an aircraft.

California Judge Rules That Coffee Requires Cancer Warning

Scientists haven't rendered a verdict on whether coffee is good or bad for you but a California judge has. He says coffee sellers in the state should have to post cancer warnings.


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