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Do Doctors and Nurses Hate Each Other?

SAUSALITO, CA (ASRN.ORG) -- Not long ago, nurse Teresa Brown wrote a provocative article in the New York Times about the tension between nurses and doctors. "It's a time-honored tradition," one doctor sniped at her, "blame the nurse whenever anything goes wrong!"

Our Pediatrician Gave My Daughter The Wrong Vaccine

SAUSALITO, CA (ASRN.ORG) -- We'd left the pediatrician's office a mere two hours before the call came. On a recent sunny, summer afternoon, I'd brought my two daughters in for their annual physicals. They'd been weighed and measured and prodded and had blood drawn and received their shots and been handed lollipops at the end. 

My Boyfriend Broke Up With Me On Email

SAUSALITO, CA (ASRN.ORG) -- Dear Cary, After a tough breakup, I have managed to rebuild my life, meet a new group of wonderful friends, and become more grounded in myself and my work. I feel pretty good about all of this, but I am still finding it incredibly difficult to get over my ex-boyfriend. I think about him all of the time.

My Twitter Battle Over Vaccination

SAUSALITO, CA (ASRN.ORG) -- When you've been engaged in daily, often highly personal journalism for a few years, you can pretty much anticipate the critical responses to your pieces before you've even filed them. Thanks, readers, you're there in my head all the time.

How David Bowie Got Me Out of the Psych Ward

SAUSALITO, CA (ASRN.ORG) -- One afternoon, midway through a 12-day admission at a psychiatric center in the winter of 2005, I was listening to David Bowie's self-titled debut when a doctor came over and told me it was time for a meeting. My assignment that day was to write down the name of an album that always cheered me up, so that when I was feeling down, I'd know what to listen to before something bad happened. 


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