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Heroic Nursing Student Ran Toward Gunfire To Help Shooting Victims

A nursing student ran toward danger as soon as she learned that someone had been shot on a Toronto street — but moments later, she was wounded by the maniac gunman, according to a new report.

20 Things Every New Nursing Student Needs To Know

Would you like some tips on surviving? Here’s a quick list of 20 survival tips for the nursing newbie:

Everything You Need To Know About The McDonald's Salad Parasite Outbreak

As of July 26, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports a total of 286 people in 15 states have been infected with a parasite called Cyclospora, an increase of 120 people in the last week alone.

Hospitals Gear Up For New Diagnosis: Human Trafficking

The woman arrived at the emergency department at Huntington Hospital on New York’s Long Island after she was hit by her boyfriend during an argument. Her situation raised concerns among the medical staff, which had recently been trained to be on the lookout for signs of sex trafficking.

Some Dogs Can Pass Rare Bacteria On To Pregnant Owners, Study Finds

Dogs who haven't been neutered can spread bacteria to their owners, according to new research. Experts warn that one particular strain, which produces flu-like symptoms in humans, could possibly jeopardize a pregnancy for an expectant woman.

Turns Out There Are Type C And Type D Personalities, Too

You probably know about Type A and Type B Personalities, but we're willing to bet you've never heard of Type C or D Personalities. Now, psychologists are starting to speak up about the health risks associated with the "overlooked but important" Type D — and for good reason.

25% Of Sprained Ankles Were Prescribed Opioids

A quarter of the adults who went to hospital emergency departments with sprained ankles were prescribed opioid painkillers, a study shows, in another sign of how commonly physicians turn to narcotics for even minor injuries.


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