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2012 Gallup Poll: Nurses Voted Most Trusted Profession 12th Time

SAUSALITO, CA (ASRN.ORG) -- Gallup conducted it's annual poll of top 22 professions and "Nursing" scored the highest on the list, again. The American public trusts nurses more than any other profession in the country.

Doctor Shortage May Push End to Turf War With RNs

SAUSALITO, CA (ASRN.ORG) -- Most people in this rural logging area have only one choice when they need medical care: the Central Virginia Community Health Center. On most days, at least 200 people show up at the center seeking treatment for maladies ranging from sore throats to depression to cavities.

Longer Shifts for RNs Affect Patient Satisfaction

SAUSALITO, CA (ASRN.ORG) -- Longer shifts make nurses more likely to experience burnout and job dissatisfaction and also make patients more likely to be dissatisfied with care, according to a study.

A Call for RNs to Act As Role Models for Patients

SAUSALITO, CA (ASRN.ORG) -- Nurses, just like many of their patients, struggle to find time and motivation to exercise. But a new study may give these all-important caregivers some additional pressure and responsibility: nurses' attitudes can influence whether their patients commit to a healthy lifestyle.

ICU RNs Doubt a Clinical Neurologists Exam Can Define a Patient as Brain Dead

SAUSALITO, CA (ASRN.ORG) -- More than half of Sweden’s intensive care nurses doubt that a clinical neurological examination can establish that a patient is brain dead. Intensive care nurses also perceive that this uncertainty can affect relatives when the question of organ donation is raised, is documented in a thesis from the Sahlgrenska Academy.


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