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Nurse Ethics Comes to a Head at Guantanamo Bay

A Navy nurse faces possible discharge for refusing to participate in force-feeding detainees. It's a test case for nurses in all practice settings who are faced with ethical issues every day.

The Top 5 Nursing Issues for 2015

Unlike any year in recent memory, 2014 was a turbulent one for the nursing profession. But it was also an exciting one, and 2015 promises more of the same. I touched base with a couple of nursing leaders to get their take on some of the top issues that are in store for the profession.

Unprecedented Drug May Help Heal Damaged Spine

Researchers say they've developed a drug that may help heal a damaged spine — the first time anything like a drug has been shown to help." This recovery is unprecedented," said Jerry Silver, a neuroscience professor at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio who led the study.

HIV is Getting Less Deadly

HIV is rapidly evolving into a less-dangerous bug and could one day become a disease that’s “almost harmless”. Scientists have observed a surprising increase in the ability of some patients in Africa to live with the virus without getting Aids, the deadly syndrome in which their immune systems collapse.

20 Health Myths That Are Totally Wrong

There are plenty of folk sayings and "tips" about everything from staying healthy to avoiding a hangover. The only problem is that a lot of folk wisdom about health and nutrition is totally — or at least mostly — wrong.Here's the truth behind some of those health claims you've heard all your life, but might not hold water at all.

Why Kale, Acai and Agave Are Totally Overrated

You often hear about superfoods that promise health, wellness and tons of weight loss. It irks nutritionists like me to no end that the media or society hypes the health benefits of these foods. That’s not to say the foods aren’t healthy. But their health benefits are exaggerated, misleading consumers to believe they’ll see immediate or dramatic results by eating them. I asked top nutritionists around the country which foods they believe are most overhyped. You’ll be shocked by their answers.

Health Concerns Are Causing Trouble in the Perfume industry

There are two types of perfume in the world: the fast turnover celebrity perfumes, designed to hit the market and make profits before a star’s capital wanes; and the timeless classics, with their expensive ingredients and loyal followings.While the names endure, many of the ingredients and quantities have changed over time.


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