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Georgia Fails To Halt Nurse Imposters

Weak laws and lax enforcement have allowed people who impersonate nurses to work with patients in Georgia, often with little chance of getting caught or punished. The issue attracted national attention just weeks ago with the arrest of a woman who had been in charge of the care of Bobbi Kristina Brown at a Gwinnett County hospice.

Why Is The US Perpetually Short of Nurses?

There is an outcry in the United States that we’re facing an urgent nurse deficit that threatens the safety of individual patients and the nation’s health as a whole. Consider arguments from two editorials.

Mothering My Dying Friend

You think your doctor will tell you when your loved one needs hospice?

They should know, right? Not always the case.

Mens Lib! Only 9 Percent Of Nurses Are Men

These days, it seems that age-old stereotypes are being shattered by the day. Feats once thought impossible, improper or unrealistic are becoming the new norm, especially in the professional world. It's no longer uncommon to see women distinguish themselves as cops, firefighters and soldiers and it's becoming just as commonplace to see men making waves in the nursing industry.

New Diabetic Cases, At Long Last, Begin To Fall In the US

Diabetes had been climbing for decades, driven by surging obesity rates. In 2009, the number of new cases reached 1.7 million. By last year, it had dropped to 1.4 million.

Stronger Economy Drives More Nursing Turnover, Higher Wages

A stronger economy is increasing employee turnover rates at hospitals, particularly among nurses, and putting additional pressure on wages that are already straining hospital balance sheets.

Nurse Practitioners Changed U.S. Health Care

Back in the 1960s, while thousands of Americans were "sitting in" for civil rights and burning draft cards to end the Vietnam War, one Colorado nurse started a quiet health care revolution.


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