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Obama Action On Stem Cells Would Boost National Research Efforts

Within days of the Jan. 20 inauguration, President Barack Obama could set a new stage for stem cell research: he is widely expected to issue an executive order reversing President George W. Bush

Most Heart Attack Patients Cholesterol Levels Did Not indicate Cardiac Risk

A new national study has shown that nearly 75 percent of patients hospitalized for a heart attack had cholesterol levels that would indicate they were not at high risk for a cardiovascular event, based on current national cholesterol guidelines.

Assessment Technique Lets Scientists See Brain Aging Before Symptoms Appear

UCLA scientists have used innovative brain-scan technology developed at UCLA, along with patient-specific information on Alzheimer's disease risk, to help diagnose brain aging, often before symptoms appear.

Gut Check Reveals Vast Multicultural Community Of Bugs In Bowels

A new study from the Stanford University School of Medicine reveals in greater detail than ever before the full extent of the bacterial community inhabiting the human bowel - 10 times more diverse than previous research had suggested.

Vulnerability To Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Runs In Families, Study Shows

In 1988, a massive earthquake in Armenia killed 17,000 people and destroyed nearly half the town of Gumri. Now, in the first multigenerational study of its kind, UCLA researchers studying survivors of that catastrophe have discovered...


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