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How To Deal With Death In Nursing

Unfortunately, not every patient survives their illness or injury, despite the quality of care they received. Learning coping mechanisms to deal with the sadness of losing a particular patient will help you to continue working and caring for those who rely on your expertise and compassion.

Doctors Throwing Fits

A doctor-bully epidemic is jeopardizing both nurses and patients. In news reports and hospital break rooms, stories abound of physicians berating nurses, hurling profanities, or even physically threatening or assaulting them.

4 Truths All Nurses Know

Despite the many different areas and specialties nurses work in, there are common truths all people in the field know.

A Powerful New Form Of Medical Marijuana Without The High

Over decades, researchers have found that THC may help treat pain, nausea, loss of appetite and other problems, while CBD was thought to be biologically inactive in humans. But in the past 10 years, scientists have concluded that CBD may be quite useful.

7 Things Nurses Need To Know About The Future Of Obamacare

You’ve seen the headlines and you’ve heard the slogans: Obamacare is on the chopping block and President-elect Donald Trump is going to replace it with “something terrific.” But what are the new president and Congress really going to do?

Dreaded Stomach Flu Wreaks Havoc On Families, And Getting Worse

Once the virus hits, the attacks are often swift and brutal. The stomach and intestines become inflamed. Bouts of vomiting and diarrhea follow that leave victims weak and exhausted. And since the bug is extremely contagious, it can spread easily to others, especially in places like day-care centers, schools, cruise ships and nursing homes.

Why Does It Take So Long To Recover From Pneumonia?

I was diagnosed with pneumonia in October. The doctor told me to rest, really rest. She told me to expect to feel better after a couple of days of antibiotics, but that I still must rest. She told me I would have good days, but they would be followed by bad days.


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