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Study Shows That Chronic Grief Activates Pleasure Areas of the Brain

Grief is universal, and most of us will probably experience the pain grief brings at some point in our lives, usually with the death of a loved one. In time, we move on, accepting the loss.

Report Confirms Increased Risk of Smoking Substance

A study from the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) supports previous reports that adolescents with bipolar disorder are at increased risk for smoking and substance abuse. The article appearing in the June Drug and Alcohol Dependence.

Google Health Heads to the Hospital

Since its official launch last week, the eyes of the health-care world have been on Google Health--a long-anticipated new application from the search engine goliath that allows people to collect their medical records, prescriptions, and other health data and share them with others.

Can An Alzheimer's Drug Help Prevent Cerebral Palsy?

A drug used to treat Alzheimer's patients may reduce the brain damage that afflicts many premature infants, report researchers from Children's Hospital Boston. Although the study involved a rat model of cerebral palsy and brain injury in premature infants.

Elderly's Restless Nights Helped By Arcient Martial Art

More than half of all older adults complain about having difficulties sleeping. Most don't bother seeking treatment. Those who do usually turn either to medications, which can lead to other health problems, or behavior therapies, which are costly and often not available close to home.


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