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Bill Gates Just Described His Biggest Fear- And It Could Kill 33 Million People In Less Than A Year

You would think that Bill Gates, the ever-so-friendly richest man in the world, wouldn't be afraid of much. But as he recently told Ezra Klein, he does have some major fears for humanity.

We Need More Nurses

A new survey conducted suggests the state may soon face a shortage of registered nurses as more and more baby boomers retire.The voluntary survey, was completed by nearly 53,000 registered nurses..

Newer Types Of Birth Control Pills Confirmed To Raise Blood Clot Risk

Women who take newer types of birth control pills face a higher risk of developing blood clots than women who take older types, researchers said Tuesday, providing what some called "clarifying" evidence that more modern contraceptives designed as safer options may in fact pose more risk than earlier formulations.

Scientists Develop Drug To Replace Antibiotics

Scientists have created the first antibiotic-free drug to treat bacterial infections in a major development in combatting drug-resistance.

Unraveling A Link Between A Genetic Mutation And Autistic Behaviors Then Fixing It

Scientists at the University at Buffalo have identified the mechanisms behind a genetic mutation that produces certain autistic behaviors in mice, as well as therapeutic strategies to restore normal behaviors.

Cutting Down On Meat? Be Careful What You Replace It With

If you are trying to eat less meat, you have plenty of company. Our cultural tide is flowing steadily in that direction. Just look around — there are multiple best-selling books touting the benefits of plant-based eating; the Meatless Monday campaign has gone mainstream...

Doctor-Bully Epidemic Jeopardizing Both Nurses And Patients

The doctor-bully epidemic is jeopardizing both nurses and patients. In news reports and hospital break rooms, stories abound of physicians berating nurses, hurling profanities, or even physically threatening or assaulting them.


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