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FBI: Nurses Texted Execution Orders

The founder and CEO of a hospice services company instructed nurses to administer fatal overdoses to patients who had ‘been on the hospice service for too long,’ the FBI alleges.

Do Not Let Your Doctor Kill You

Everyone has a personal medical horror story or knows one who does. There is consensus among health care consumers and providers that our health care system is plain broken. And while we all agree we must fix it, trying to figure out how leads to murky, confusing, overwhelming, unsolvable messes.

10 Surprising Facts About Cranberries

There's no doubt that tiny, crimson cranberries make a delicious sauce to serve with turkey. But here are 10 reasons why you should enjoy these nutrient-packed berries year-round:

Why Extremely Rare Events Keep Happening All The Time

Something weird seems to be happening in the heavens. This week marks a coincidence of the full moon and the summer solstice. Some astronomers are calling this combination of maximum moonlight and the Northern Hemisphere's longest day a rare event.

How 5 Health Systems Are Recruiting, Retaining Nurses During An RN Shortage

Hospitals and health systems are using a myriad of recruitment and retention techniques as they brace for a nursing shortage — from bonuses and tuition reimbursement to career development opportunities and partnerships with educational institutions.

The U.S. Is Running Out Of Nurses

The U.S. has been dealing with a nursing deficit of varying degrees for decades, but today—due to an aging population, the rising incidence of chronic disease, an aging nursing workforce, and the limited capacity of nursing schools—this shortage is on the cusp of becoming a crisis, one with worrying implications for patients and health-care providers alike.

Job Seeking Nurses Face Higher Hurdle As Hospitals Require More-Advanced Degrees

Hundreds of thousands of Americans flocked to nursing schools over the past decade, drawn by the prospect of a well-paying job with a degree that takes as little as two years. But many have graduated only to find the goal posts have shifted, as hospitals seek nurses with more-advanced degrees, partly in response to an increasingly complex health-care system.


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