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FDA Set To Approve Opioid 10x Stronger Than Pharmaceutical Fentanyl, Despite Objections of Head of Review Board

Despite opposition from the head of the committee that reviewed the drug, in a shocking victory for the drug industry, the FDA is set to approve a new, more powerful opioid, for use in hospitals and emergency rooms.

Study Recommends Increased Clinic Hours For Student Nurses

A new research study indicates changes that could reduce turnover among newly licensed nurses. The study led by the American Society of Registered Nurses, points to a divide between nurses' idealistic expectations upon entering school and the realities they face in their first jobs.

Patients Reaching Hospital Within 'Golden Hour' More Likely To Get Stroke Drug

Patients who arrived at specific hospitals within an hour of experiencing stroke symptoms received a powerful clot-busting drug twice as often as those who arrived later in the approved time window for treatment, according to a new study presented today.

Surgery Without Scars: Hospital Pioneers Natural Orifice Procedures

After his first weight-loss surgery three years ago, Paul Martin considered getting a tattoo designed around the four small surgical scars on his side

Millennials Drop Primary Care Docs

Calvin Brown doesn’t have a primary care doctor — and the peripatetic 23-year-old doesn’t want one. Since his graduation last year from the University of San Diego, Brown has held a series of jobs that have taken him to several California cities. “As a young person in a nomadic state,” Brown said, he prefers finding a walk-in clinic on the rare occasions when he’s sick.

How Drunk USC Students Overloaded A Baptist Hospital

Drunk USC students, moved during home football games, are slowing nurses at Palmetto Heath Baptist. "They try to run away, fight people and pee in the corner," said a nurse at Palmetto. "And they get violent, too, it takes away from other patients", said the nurse.

Naya Health, Once A Promising Breast Pump Startup, Now Leaving Customers In The Dark

Founded in 2013, Naya Health is one of the most notable tech startups working on a better pump. But the company’s support site is now shutdown and it’s stopped updating its social media accounts. In a report today, CNBC spoke to several customers who said their pumps, which cost $1,000 and aren’t covered by insurance, had stopped working, and Naya Health had not provided them with adequate support or replacement parts.


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