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Economy Shock: 45 Million Americans Had Mental Illness in 2009

SAN FRANCISCO. CA (ASRN.ORG) -- More than 45 million Americans, or 20 percent of U.S. adults, had some form of mental illness last year, and 11 million had a serious illness, U.S. government researchers reported.

Travel Advisory: 13.6 Million Unaware of Spreading Infectious Diseases

SAN FRANCISCO (ASRN.ORG) -- More than 30 million people in the United States travel to resource-limited areas of the world each year.  This global mobility may contribute to the spread of infectious diseases — such as influenza, measles, and meningitis — and may also put individual travelers at risk for malaria, typhoid, dengue fever and hepatitis.  

Physicians Still In Bed With Drug Companies

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (ASRN.ORG) -- A new survey finds that, while the number of physicians who report having relationships with pharmaceutical manufacturers or other industrial companies has dropped in recent years, the vast majority of them still maintain such relationships.  

S-T-D Rates Higher For V-I-A-G-R-A Users

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (ASRN.ORG) -- Physicians who prescribe erectile dysfunction drugs for their male patients should be sure to discuss the importance of safer sex practices, even with older patients: that is an important implication of a recent report. 

Got Serious Morning Sickness? 18-1 Chance It's in The Family

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (ASRN.ORG) -- Approximately 60,000 pregnant women are hospitalized each year due to hyperemesis gravidarum (HG), an extreme form of nausea and vomiting that endangers their lives and often forces them to reluctantly terminate their pregnancies. 


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