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Study Identifies Key Immune System Molecule

Researchers at MassGeneral Hospital for Children have identified a molecule that is key to how white blood cells called macrophages recognize the common bacteria E. coli. The study may lead to better ways of fighting infections. 

The body's immune response against baterial infection consists of the coordinated activities of a variety of white blood cells. 

Blood Thinner Causes Stroke In Dialysis Patients

The blood thinner warfarin can prevent strokes in most individuals with abnormal heart rhythms, but the drug may have the opposite effect in kidney disease patients on dialysis. The study suggests that warfarin should be prescribed with caution in patients with kidney failure.

Confronting Health Disparities Among Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual And Transgender Youth

Research indicates that the social stigma that surrounds lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) teens leads to a variety of health risks such as substance use, risky sexual behaviors, eating disorders, suicidal ideation, and victimization. Clinicians and health researchers are trying to improve the health and well-being of U.S. LGBT teens. Clinicians can start by providing LGBT teens with high-quality, preventive care in a regular, private, and confidential environment.

Arresting Autism

At the far end of the basement playroom, Jack Irzyk, 4, smiles as he bobs up and down to the beat of a popular radio tune. He runs his fingers over the corrugated speaker of his boom box, feeling out the texture; once in awhile, he snaps the tape player open and closed. Alone, with his hand on the radio dial, he's content. "It's easy for him to relate to music," explains his mother, Lea Irzyk. "He can control it—music happens on his own terms."

Assessing Tamiflu And Relenza

Two common anti-influenza drugs, Relenza and Tamiflu, appear equally effective at preventing common flu symptoms when given before infection, say researchers from the Stanford University School of Medicine. However, data is lacking on the effectiveness and safety of the two drugs in vulnerable groups such as the very young and people with compromised immune systems.


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